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Most of our training at TaxPlanningMethod are absolutely FREE if you manage to attend the LIVE sessions.

But if you missed our LIVE sessions, we also offer Paid Version.

The paid version is for those who are always on the move and wants to get the full replay, recording and presentation slide downloads to learn at their own time and own pace.

So far, we have developed a few products for TaxPlanningMethod

Product #01 Tax Planning for Business Owners
Product #02 Practical Guide to Mastering GST
Product #03 Tax & GST for Real Estate and Property Investment

EvannaMiss8 Online Edutainer, Host & Producer of CPD & CPE

Product #01: Tax Planning for Business Owners

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Product #02: Practical Guide to Mastering Goods & Services Tax (GST)


Product #03: Practical Guide on Tax & GST for Real Estate & Property Investments


Product #04: GST Online Training
(Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)


Product #06: GST 6% to 0% (English)

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Product #07: GST 6% to 0% 唯一中文网络课程

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Product #08: Mastering SST by AdrianYeo Tax Team

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Product #09: June Tax Submission 6月份所得税申报 by Vivian Li (小薇)

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Product #10: Mastering SST by Song Liew

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EvannaMiss8 & AdrianYeo Tax Team will provide you
with the BESTest Online Training on Tax Planning & GST

Group Photo: EvannaMiss8 & AdrianYeo Tax Team

About Master Trainers of TaxPlanningMethod

AdrianYeo Tax Sdn Bhd

Adrian Yeo Tax Sdn Bhd is a firm of tax professionals that handles tax matters for individuals, enterprises and companies since 1995. Adrian Yeo began as a one man show and has grown into a reliable brand among SME business community.  They are fully equipped to accomplish their mission, with a team of over 100 dynamic executives in offices strategically located across the nation, including Petaling Jaya, Seremban, Kuching, Teluk Intan and Johor Bahru.

On Jun 2016, AdrianYeo Tax Team collaborated with the Goddess of Online Business Edutainment, EvannaMiss8 to launch Malaysia's first and only online training on tax planning & GST.

About the Host & Producer of TaxPlanningMethod

EvannaMiss8, Producer & Edutainer of CPE / CPD Friendly Online Training for Professionals & Company Directors

EvannaMiss8 is the Best Online Edutainer, Host & Producer of CPE / CPD friendly online training for professionals and company directors. She started three years ago. She host online training with successful entrepreneurs and proven business experts on a regular basis, combining Education and Entertainment. After years of hard work, she have accumulated the largest online following of Malaysia’s entrepreneur & business.

Though she has outstanding natural beauty, talent & business (mind). She prefer to live an extremely reclusive, seclusive & private life offline… Minimalist Zen Lifestyle ...

Starting from year 2013, EvannaMiss8 shunned all the trappings of corporate & business life, refusing to appear in business luncheons, declining all offline speaking requests and avoiding business networking and commercial related ceremonies…

EvannaMiss8 has
* the programming brains & skills of Mark Zuckerberg
* posses good luck attracting energy of Jack Ma
* leads a plain & simple life of Li Ka-Shing
* practice Zen & Meditation of Steve Jobs
* and the beautiful physic of a Victoria Secret Supermodel

She is here to help you gain the most out from her online training

She calls herself "The Laziest Girl in Malaysia" as she :-

* Do Not Wish to Get Involve In Any Business Activities That Requires Her Physical Presence
* Do Not Wish to Appear & Speak in Offline Physical Events
* Do Not Wish to Attend Business Networking Functions or Commercial Related Face-to-Face Meet Up Events

In summary, EvannaMiss8 do not wish to engage in any form of OFFLINE business & commercial activities, she only limits her scope of collaboration to ONLINE.

If you are interested to collaborate with her, you may contact her at

* Facebook:
* Email:

* WeChat: EvannaMiss8

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