Q&A Session: New Public Rulings in 2016 and Guidelines in 2017

Master Trainer: Lee Wai Sung (Tax Manager of AdrianYeo Tax Sdn Bhd, A firm of tax professionals that handles tax matters for individuals, enterprises and companies since 1995)

  • Technical Tax Manager of AdrianYeo
  • Over 12 years of working experience including

** 6 years in Big 4 – International firm, Deloitte Tax Division
** 1 year in a Taxand, tax specialist firm
** 2 years in audit firm and commercial companies

  • Advisor on GST technical issues
  • Handles tax advisory and compliance matters, including tax audits, property transactions, transfer pricing, tax incentives, withholding tax, etc for large MNCs, listed companies and SMEs.
  • Speaker and trainer in Corporate Tax and GST topics and GST implementation

Lee Wai Sung

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Main PresentationNew Public Rulings in 2016 and Guidelines in 2017

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