5 Smart Tips for Savvy Entrepreneurs (Full Seminar Recording)

Seminar Title: 5 Smart Tips for Savvy Entrepreneurs (Full Seminar Recording)

Total Training Duration: 5 hours 57 mins

Master Trainers:

  • Kong Jing Yee (Partner & Director of AdrianYeo Group)
  • Cangel Tey (Company Secretary Manager, SMI Corporate Services Sdn Bhd)
  • Annie Ee (Audit & System Manager of SME Advisor Sdn Bhd)
  • Lee Wai Sung (Tax Senior Manager of AdrianYeo Tax Sdn Bhd)

Below is the short and sweet video preview of our actual live seminar

This is a hard to find seminar you wouldn’t want to miss

5 Smart Tips for Savvy Entrepreneurs
1. Finance
2. Income Taxes
3. Company Law
4. Accounting
5. GST


First of its kind – a 5-in-1 seminar dedicated to the entrepreneurs in areas of business that are often overlooked. (Finance. Income Taxes, Company Law, Accounting & GST)

1. Finance

* Financing your business – from own savings to bank borrowings to equity funding. What do bankers and investors look for ?
* Understand the financial flow of your business
* Know your business model metric and understand it’s financial implication
* Putting your aspirations, strategies, targets, plans into a workable business plan

2. Income Taxes

* Somethings about income tax that entrepreneurs must know
* Planning for a tax efficient business model

3. Company Law

* Understand the different forms of entities – self-employed vs enterprise vs Sdn Bhd
* How to discharge your duties and responsibilities as directors effectively
* Safeguarding your company from investors

4. Accounting

* How accounting can help in your business operation and strategic planning
* How to have an efficient and effective accounting process

5. GST

*Key infomation about GST that entrepreneurs must know

I have uploaded the full content of this seminar here ... Happy Learning !

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